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Yemen Dinner Art
Yemen Dinner Art

The last report I read stated a Yemeni child dies of starvation every 75 seconds. Arms sales to Saudi Arabia were temporarily suspended. The current Pentagon budget request for 2022 is $14B higher than last year -greater than the next 12 nations combined. Image;...

Simple Applewood Bowl Art
Simple Applewood Bowl Art

These blog posts are where I will begin talking about the work that gets posted; motivations, material background, maybe some politics once in a while. It could be anything. With accumulation over time the posts will describe an overall philosophy about making things,...


I’m Peter

My artist studio is in metropolitan Boston, and I’ve been making art for three decades.  My work includes paintings and sculptures, and you can find many of my pieces on the Studio Gallery page.  I write about my art, about the business of my art, and anything else that strikes me at the moment.  Follow along, if you’d like.

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