These blog posts are where I will begin talking about the work that gets posted; motivations, material background, maybe some politics once in a while. It could be anything. With accumulation over time the posts will describe an overall philosophy about making things, too. At least, it’s possible.

So for a start . . .

I make little distinction between making practical or fine art objects. If a work of art enriches my life or attitude, it’s as practical as the bowl I turned to hold my breakfast or spare change.  There’s equal satisfaction in successfully producing both.  

This apple wood bowl is a fair example. I was given a couple chunks of an apple tree  by a coworker a while back. It had lived in their yard and had to be removed when it died.  From the biggest chunk I turned a serving bowl, so the family could remember and continue to enjoy the tree. A small cutout I kept for myself. I think it might be perfect – or as close as  I’ve come to date, anyway. It feels great to my eyes and my hands. At 3 5/8 in. diameter and  1 3/4 in. tall, it’s nothing special. It has no specific intended purpose. But it’s just right.

I invite you to look around. Occasionally the work will require you to think about what you’re seeing, or process an emotional response. I won’t be telling you how or what here in the blog. Other works won’t be at all. 

I hope you enjoy both.