Peter McGrath

Artist and Sculptor, Boston

The Spring 2022 Spalted Maple Turnery Collection




Showed at Many Venues

MFA, Boston

Galleries in Boston and Provincetown

Studio and Gallery in Somerville, MA

And My Online Storefront


Currently showing at

High Energy Vintage (429 Somerville Ave, Somerville, MA

and at my new Storefront.



New Online Storefront Gallery Is Launched.  Visit the Storefront for the Spring 2022 Spalted Maple Collection.


My Story

My interest in art began with Drawing from Nature with Capt. Bob. I progressed through painting copies of book covers from the shelves of my older siblings to genuine art classes, and eventually graduated from high school on Cape Cod as an art major.

After a detour to the work force for several years, I attended the Art Institute of Boston (now at Lesley University), and earned a BFA with Honors as a sculptor and printmaker in 1995.  Intaglio prints from my time at AIB are in the collections of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and the Boston Public Library.


It's the start of decomposition for the tree and suppertime for the fungi. The lines and colors in spalted wood are the boundaries of areas claimed by a fungus for it's meal and produced to keep competitors out. And it makes for some beautiful material to turn - if...

Turnings at High Energy Vintage

Wiley & Jessamy at High Energy Vintage (429 Somerville Ave, Somerville, MA) have kindly made space available for some turnings! Please check out their shop - brick 'n mortar at the above address, or online: website; Instagram;...

Finding forms

I've been sanded smooth by the walls of the rabbit holes down which I fall while searching out shapes to turn. I usually don't look at other tuners' work, but start with some period or region from art history. Lately, it's been Bronze and Iron Age vessels in metal or...